Target Impact Signal System

Target Impact Signal System is a target strike indicator system for shooters using steel targets for practice or competition. A sensor is easily attached to the back of your steel target, when the steel target is hit, that causes a Strobe light (flashtube) to fire immediately, either via a cable or through a wireless transmitter/receiver. The light from the strobe light (flashtube) is visible for 1500 meters or more in full daylight. Target Impact Signal System is small, durable, lightweight, easy to install and use, it is powered by two AA batteries, which will provide flashes for more than a weekend of shooting. The sensor is sensitive enough for the system to work with a wide range of target weights and ammunition types, from Airsoft Guns thru .50 cal. BMG, but durable enough to withstand repeated impacts.

Target Impact Signal System has been designed by shooters, for use by shooters. Whether you shoot rifle or pistol, long range or are a plinker, Target Impact Signal System will increase your enjoyment and hone proficiency. Target Impact Signal System has been used by the military, Department of Energy, various police agencies and other long range shooters for training and practice.

It is assembled in the U.S. from imported and domestic components.

Target Impact Signal Systems come with a limited life time warranty, to be free from defective material or workmanship, (please see manuals, in the “DOCUMENTATION” section for specific details). Target Impact Signal Systems comes with a 30 day money back guaranty if purchased from this web site. (Contact us, for specifics.)

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