Target Impact Signal System


Target Impact Signal System (TISS) is a signaling system for long range shooters using metal targets. A sensor is simply attached to the back of the target that causes a flashtube to fire immediately when the target is hit. The light from the flashtube is visible for 1500 meters or more in full daylight. TISS is small, durable, lightweight, easy to install and use, and is powered by two AA batteries, which will provide flashes for more than a weekend of shooting. The sensor is sensitive enough for the system to work with a wide range of target weights and ammunition types, but durable enough to withstand repeated impacts.

Target Impact Signal System (TISS) has been designed by shooters, for use by shooters, and has been used by the military, various police agencies and other long range shooters for training and practice. It is assembled in the U.S. from imported and domestic components.

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