How It Works

How it Works

Fasten the TISS sensor to the back of an impenetrable metal target (industrial mounting strips included).  The sensor signals the strobe light to flash each time a bullet strikes the target. The target impact sensor is connected to the flash unit with a 10 to 20 foot cable,, which is included in the system.

Benefits of the Target Impact Signal System
  • Know at the speed of light when you have hit your mark
  • Successful hits are unquestionable for both shooters and spectators
  • Flash is visible at 1,000 meters (1093 yards) or greater with the naked eye.
  • Less time down range
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • No need to set steel again
  • Battery operated with less than ½ second reset time between flashes (TISS III model)
  • Life Time warranty
Uses of the Target Impact Signal System
  • Long range rifle events
  • Precision rifle events
  • SWAT training
  • Man vs. Man competitions
  • 3 gun competitors
  • Sniper training
  • Hunting Practice
  • Ordinary shooting practice




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