Target Impact Signal System II


Complete system consists of, Strobe unit 20 foot target cable, target box, mini tripod, and (2) batteries.

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Complete system consists of, Strobe unit 20 foot target cable, target box, mini tripod, and (2) batteries.

Simply install the batteries, attach the target box to your steel target, and connect the strobe to the target box using the target cable.

Download the manual for the Target Impact Signal System II here.

Power: 2 AA 1.5v batteries
Time to first flash: 2 sec
Time to next flash: < than 2 sec Flash visible to: > 1200 meters (1312 yards)

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  1. Steven Hammer

    Dear Sirs;

    I wanted to write to let you know how well your system works. Having shot in many matches with spotters calling hits and misses at long range, both in 3-gun and precision, I know how frustrating it is for the shooters to not really know if they are hitting. So when I got the chance to run matches at my local club I wanted a better, more consistent, way. Your “Target Impact Signal System” seems to be that way. At our most recent shoot, a 3-gun, other than a shooter hitting the wire, the system worked flawlessly, flashing for every hit and eliminating the uncertainty for the shooters. I did a little experiment and the flasher would work with just a thrown rock, so the sensitivity is outstanding.

    I have a few suggestions for people considering purchasing a system: 1, use the longer (20 ft.) cable, even at 20 ft. someone managed to shoot the flash unit when we lent the system to another group. 2, armor the wire, the first match we used the system I did not follow the advice that comes with the system, and sure enough someone shot the cable as it exited the back of the target. Fortunately I had a spare cable and a quick fix and we were back in business. Which brings me to my final advice, 3, get spares of the cables and even the flash head; remember “two is one and one is none”.

    In conclusion this is a high quality system that will work in match conditions and as a bonus it is excellent when solo practicing, better than a spotter at long ranges.

    Steven Hammer
    Mifflin Co. Sportsmen

  2. Jim Tisdale

    Dear Sirs;

    We have been using the TISS II system for approximately 1 year now and are very satisfied with its performance. We have used it mostly with our .223 and 7.62-39 rifles and generally shoot targets at 200m-300m (the farthest distance allowed at our range). In the past one of us would need to spot for the other, then wait for the range “ceasefire” call, and walk out to the target to actually confirm our hits. With your product, the hits are instantaneously confirmed and the flash is easily visible by the shooter (and others on the range, who often inquire about the flash and your product.)

    We found out the hard way that we should have listened to the designer, and positioned the flash where he suggested. (The shrapnel from our hits severed the cord to the flash). We now have constructed a system with PVC that protects the cord and position the flash where directed and have experienced no problems.

    This product allows us to get in a lot more shooting and a lot less waiting each trip to the range.

    Thank you for producing such a high quality product that allows us to enjoy our recreational pastime that much more!


    Jim and Jan Tisdale

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