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Review for Target Impact Signal System III

Dear Sirs;

I organize a shooting competition that involves rapid-fire at medium to long range steel targets, and am evaluating the Target Impact Signal System Ill unit for an upcoming event. One potential concern that I wanted to test for is the unit’s ability to recover quickly between shots, since some of the competitors can shoot pretty fast. We put the unit on setting 3 and shot a steel silhouette target from 200 yards with an AR-15 running 55 grain 5.56 FMJ ammo. I was prone and shooting 3 round strings as quickly as I could get my 4x scope back somewhere on the target as it came out of recoil. Split times were under half a second,for three hits on target in a second or less. The unit passed with flying colors, registering every hit (with one possible unconfirmed exception) across several strings of fire. I also shot the ground in front of the target and the backstop all around it, trying to induce a false positive. None were generated, which is critical.

Next, we went out to 500 yards to see how well the unit would pick up hits from .223 ammo at that distance, since he bullets lose a substantial amount of energy between 200 and 500 yards. The target we used is a 28″x38″ piece of 1/2 AR500 steel,hanging from the target frame by a pair of large S-hooks.  The target weighs approximately 155 lbs. The ammo we used for this test was 62 grain FMJ. Again, the indicator worked perfectly.

Since we had some free time and a few 30-cal rifles on the table, we decided to push out to 750 yards. We tested with a variety of .308 ammo, and all hits were picked up by the unit. The wind was relatively still, so we could hear every hit to confirm that the indicator wasn’t missing any. We had a spotter on a scope as well.

Finally, we stretched out to 1000 yards. One shooter was able to connect with his stock 700 ACC-SD in .308, and another was getting pretty nice groups out of a 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle. The strobe was clearly visible and the unit registered all hits, even at this distance.

Overall, the Target Impact Signal System Ill seems like a great solution for us. I plan on using several in an event that we are hosting in April.  The RO staff is going to become pretty spoiled if the units work as well in competition as they did during testing!

Waco Tactical

Review for Target Impact Signal System II

Dear Sirs;

We have been using the TISS II system for approximately 1 year now and are very satisfied with its performance. We have used it mostly with our .223 and 7.62-39 rifles and generally shoot targets at 200m-300m (the farthest distance allowed at our range). In the past one of us would need to spot for the other, then wait for the range “ceasefire” call, and walk out to the target to actually confirm our hits. With your product, the hits are instantaneously confirmed and the flash is easily visible by the shooter (and others on the range, who often inquire about the flash and your product.)

We found out the hard way that we should have listened to the designer, and positioned the flash where he suggested. (The shrapnel from our hits severed the cord to the flash). We now have constructed a system with PVC that protects the cord and position the flash where directed and have experienced no problems.

This product allows us to get in a lot more shooting and a lot less waiting each trip to the range.

Thank you for producing such a high quality product that allows us to enjoy our recreational pastime that much more!


Jim and Jan Tisdale

Review for Target Impact Signal System II

Dear Sirs;

I wanted to write to let you know how well your system works. Having shot in many matches with spotters calling hits and misses at long range, both in 3-gun and precision, I know how frustrating it is for the shooters to not really know if they are hitting. So when I got the chance to run matches at my local club I wanted a better, more consistent, way. Your “Target Impact Signal System” seems to be that way. At our most recent shoot, a 3-gun, other than a shooter hitting the wire, the system worked flawlessly, flashing for every hit and eliminating the uncertainty for the shooters. I did a little experiment and the flasher would work with just a thrown rock, so the sensitivity is outstanding.

I have a few suggestions for people considering purchasing a system: 1, use the longer (20 ft.) cable, even at 20 ft. someone managed to shoot the flash unit when we lent the system to another group. 2, armor the wire, the first match we used the system I did not follow the advice that comes with the system, and sure enough someone shot the cable as it exited the back of the target. Fortunately I had a spare cable and a quick fix and we were back in business. Which brings me to my final advice, 3, get spares of the cables and even the flash head; remember “two is one and one is none”.

In conclusion this is a high quality system that will work in match conditions and as a bonus it is excellent when solo practicing, better than a spotter at long ranges.

Steven Hammer
Mifflin Co. Sportsmen

Review for Target Impact Signal System I

Dear Sirs;

We used two of the Target Impact Signal System units at the Sons of the Desert Run and Gun in South Texas. We used the System I  at 350 yards and the System Ill at up to 1200 yards. These systems were great. It made identifying hits easy even without a spotting scope. I highly recommend these systems. Be sure to armor your cables.

Michael Ellis
Chaparral Shooting Sports

Shooting Illustrated

August 2010, Page 49

The people behind TISS previously designed and made a product called Flash Target that was sold by Larry Cohen out of Durango, CO. and which, as you can see from the testimonials copied below, was very well received by the steel target shooting community.  The TISS products are simply updated and improved from the tried-and-true Flash Target design.

“Our long range target is a massive piece of steel weighting 150 pounds. We put it up for .50 BMG, which will move it enough to see a hit in the spotting scope. Anything smaller, like .308 Win., has no visible effect. At 800 yards, it’s impossible in most lighting condition to spot the hits, which is very frustrating.

The Flash Target uses a sensor attached with hook-and-loop fasteners to the back of the target. We have two sensors due to the large size of our target. When the bullet strikes, the sensor picks up the vibration and sets off a flash unit, similar to a camera flash. This is clearly visible in the scope and often even with the naked eye.

Flash Target works great for any steel target. From 3-gun to Cowboy Action, it eliminates the “I’m not sure if it hit or not” syndrome. For a long-range target it’s a wonderful thing. Often, when shooting at 700 to 1000 yards on any steel target, we mark. 308 Win. hits simply by the absence of a miss. Now we know for sure the bullet hits the steel.”

Benchmark Reviews

July 2013

Benchmark Review has awarded the Target Impact Signal System the Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award in their July 24, 2013 review. Read the full article at

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